Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pyrex Goodies Up For Swap/Sell/ETC!

Well friends, I cleaned off the Pyrex shelf and I now have the following items up for sale or swapping:

1) Very old clear Pyrex loaf or baking pan with etched flower, this has a  chip
2) Another old clear tab handled bowl or casserole (no lid), medium sized, it has some small chips and wear. (Markings C-B 822-622-B)
3) Large Clear Pyrex bowl (for use in oven, microwave) (Markings 026-3L? 28)
4) A small pink fridgie, has some wear + a chip in the lid
5) Early American small fridgie, lid chip (small)
6) 3 Corelle Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy handled cups and one bowl (no handleO
7) 1 Butterfly Gold bowl (no handle) - Corelle
8) Verde covered, divided casserole - really nice
9) #024 2 qt Turquoise baker - no lid- some marks
10) 043 1 1/2 Qt Early American casserole or baker, no lid
11) An early clear Pyrex baker or casserole w/ cover and fitted silver stand

As for me, I love fridgies, bowls, the Snowflake pattern, the Butterprint pattern, the Shenandoah pattern, the Gooseberry pattern, the Snowflake pattern, and anything that's orange!!! I would especially love to have an orange fridgie!!!!

Please let me know what you would like to swap (i.e. what item of yours you would like to swap for mine) or if you want to buy me something, shoot me an offer  at edgefamilygen AT

If you would like pics, again just let know. I would be happy to take photos, the Pyrex is at another location and I didn't have my camera handy when I sorted it out!



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