Sunday, July 22, 2012

Left Behind//For Sale!

This weekend I found quite a bit of Pyrex that I didn't buy because I just didn't need it. (I know, right? Weird.) Don't worry, I still bought some things - but these are what I left behind.

Okay, I really wanted this guy. Mint Snowflake Blue with lid, but $16? I just couldn't. It sure is a beauty, though!

I carried this #444 around for awhile, but ended up putting him back. $6 isn't horrible for him, but it just didn't call to me.

What a day for yellow/golden Cinderella bowls. I left all these gals behind: Mint #442 Butterfly Gold $3 (I sincerely dislike butterfly gold, even if it's mint. I'm sorry!), #443 yellow $4 (you can't really tell, but she was covered in scratches), and a #442 yellow gooseberry $3 (already have!)

I did some more cleaning the cupboards this week and found some more Pyrex goodies I don't need. They're on eBay if anyone is interested!

Town & Country divided casserole with lid

Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom divided casserole with lid

Butterfly Gold #473 & Early American #442

Be sure to check some goodies I did buy here!

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