Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Dry Spell Finally Ends...And How!

Phew! I was starting to think I was cursed. Several trips to several thrift stores was leaving me empty handed time and again over the last week. Well today I finally cleaned up (literally.)

All four of these cuties were found today. The Early American 473 was in awful condition (wish I'd taken a pic!) I honestly didn't think it would clean up at all, but lo and behold, Barkeeper's Friend came to the rescue. It now has only a few minor scratches, but no biggie to me :-)

I'm just getting into this whole Pyrex thing, but I love thrifting. Come check me out on my blog, Hourglass Vintage where I blog about all manner of vintage goodness.

- Susie


  1. It is so satisfying to salvage a piece of pyrex- you saved it!! Someone else would have thrown it away :(

    I visited your other blog. Very cute collection of old china. You're right, if one broke it would be a lot less upsetting. Good to keep in mind when I have my own place!

  2. Thanks, Christina :-)

    Doesn't it feel great to know you're saving all these forgotten old treasures? It's probably my favorite part of thrifting...besides the thrill of the hunt!