Monday, July 9, 2012

Town and Country

Happy 4th of July! I know I'm a late.

So Friday, since I had some time to myself, I  hit up Salvation Army in Downey, CA. I scored this Warnign Blendor (not blender). It is heavy. It has a timer. It is a beast. I believe the glass is pyrex, but not totally sure.  I only Paid $4.20 for it, so a total score!!!!!!

I also hit up a Value Village. The first time I have ever been to a VV. My friend spotted the fridgies and scooped them up for me. The yellow is more of a buttery yellow and from what I am told belongs to the solid Town and Country set. The percolator is a gift for my mother, her birthday is next month.

Anyone have the solid Town and Country fridgie set? Is the smaller one is from the T&C or the Daisy?

Thanks ~ Katie


  1. That is what I was thinking. It seems too orange for the daisy set. Now I just need the dinky ones. Here is to hoping I come across them.