Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Road Trip Thrifting

We had an unexpected opportunity to head out to SoCal last month, and when you dangle the idea of  hitting the beach and Disneyland in front of this landlocked girl, you get yourself a roadtrip.

While in Huntington Beach, I saw a rickety thrift store full of promise and stopped in. The owner was in her twenties, and I cut straight to the chase..."Do you have any pyrex?"
She looked at me funny and paused.
"I did, just a few days ago, but someone came in here and bought all of it up. I didn't know what it was and had it marked so low she bought all of it..."

I immediately thought of the three Pyrex Collectives...and wondered...WHO did?? So fess up...who was it?

But seriously, it kind of gave me hope, because that was just one thrift in SoCal, who I would have assumed had been seeing the Pyrex craze for a while, yet somebody got an amazing steal deal.

Then I went into the Huntington Beach Salvation Army and turned right was gross, stinky, and zero Pyrex was to be found.

Lastly, on our way home, we stopped in a Flagstaff GW. I found my first piece of England Pyrex.
If you're curious as to which one it is...check out my full post here: Flagstaff Finds

And my question...What's the best find you've had while road tripping?

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  1. nice find!

    up here I find JAJ pyrex weekly - lots of British imports in Winnipeg but lucky you, finding one down in your neck of the woods