Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pyrex & My Father's Great Luck

My boyfriend has told me that my father is my pyrex enabler :) and, after these finds- it's true!! I had been finding pink pieces here and there for my mom's collection, but hadn't found anything turquoise in awhile. After a camping trip my parents went on, they came back with this beauty! A turquoise fondue bowl with gold cradle, very atomic "sputnik" looking. Thrilled! They found it at an antique store. The owner said they had some things in the garage. And this was there! Originally priced $28.. My father got it for $12! What?!

Prior to the camping trip and subsequent antiquing....

My father called his friend Borys to see if he was meeting them at the camp site. Here's how the conversation continued:

Father: So you're not going to make it?
Borys: No. My wife is having a garage sale.
Father: Garage Sale... Do you have any Pyrex?
Borys: Pyrex? Well, yeah! You want it?
Father: Yeah. {pause} My daughter is collecting some kind of blue pyrex.
Borys: Ok, I'll have someone bring it down to camp.

I'm not sure what was funnnier- that my dad asked his buddy for pyrex, or that his friend knew what it was :)

Not exactly the turquoise I collect, but it is indeed blue! Colonial Mist, mint, three of the four bowls (some writing on the box). I think I'll try to find the missing blue bowl (smaller blue bowl). Maybe sell/trade? Let me know if you are interested! They are in perfect shape.

Finally, not sure if I wanted to start with the flameware or not, but it stuck out to us at a VERY MESSY flea market. This percalator did come with the glass insert and metal grid, but no stick-- were those metal or glass? Help! I want to keep my eyes peeled for it. Instead of coffee, I took the insert out and boiled my asparagus in it. It came out very well- and so easy to drain! You know, they did this in the Pyrex Prized Recipes cookbook... I guess I'm an old fashioned girl :)

Hope you liked my father's finds! I know I do!

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  1. Don't you just love Dad's who help in the Pyrex department? Mine is always coming up with goodies for me. As to the percolator, the insides consist of the glass stick/tube, metal basket bottom grid, glass basket, and I believe there is also supposed to be a metal grid lid like thing for the basket (although I have never found one that actually still had one).

  2. O wow ok thanks! No wonder the inserts for the flameware didnt last...

    1. Quite right, and the glass is really quite thin as well.

  3. What a great Dad you have!!!

  4. Both your dad and his friend cracked me up. How cute are they?

  5. So funny! Fishing, camping, card games, and talk of pyrex :) my mom and I still laugh about it too.

  6. This post warms my heart! Attentive loved ones, who support your collecting are the best!