Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pyrex drought in Nashville

Last week I spent my time traveling and picking through Nashville, TN.  I was excited to see what new treasures I could dig up and had great hopes of finding some amazing Pyrex.  I went to some amazing place like the American Pickers store, an auction, and at least 30 different antique malls/thrift stores.  It was fun however I came up empty handed when it came to Pyrex.  

So, I thought, I would share one of my finds I havehave not shared yet. This is a Pyrex baby bottle/nursing bottle I found digging through a local dealers boxes.  It was a great find and I love that the Pyrex letters are so prominent.  It looks great displayed on my 1940s kitchen cabinet.

To see all the other treasures and "rusty gold" I found in Nashville click Here   I plan to have a 4 part series on everything vintage/antique and dish on the highs and lows of every adventure.


  1. That is an amazing bottle I would love to find one of those and then find an old sprinkler top like women used in the 50's when ironing. I found the sprinkler top the other day for $1.00 and didn't buy it because I didn't have a bottle for it. Didn't think ahead. BTW, I have the blue barcode Pyrex, too. My hubby uses it for our breakfast gravy.

  2. Hey are you from Nashville area? I am always looking for people around me to do trades and such with Pyrex. If you are interested email me a