Thursday, July 19, 2012

lids, and fridgies and knock-offs, oh my!

i was super excited when a friend of mine unexpectedly dropped by earlier this week with two beautiful friendship bird lids! i was nervous that they wouldn't fit any of my pieces but i totally lucked out and one of my casserole dishes found its match!

today i went to my local thrift store...i only go in if there is a prime parking spot available--that's always my sign that i should enter the store! i need to limit myself and that's how i do it! :)

well, i found these two fantastic tiny fridgies (they are primary red 501-Bs). they came without lids but if my experience earlier this week with lids has taught me anything, i'm sure that i'll find those lids sometime in the future!

i also then spotted this casserole dish. it looked like it was blue old town pyrex but when i flipped it over it was actually glass bake. but, the pattern was so similar that i had to buy it (ruth, if you're reading this and you want this's yours! i bought it with you in mind. if not, back to the thrift store it goes for someone else to love.)

not the best week for pyrex hunting ever, but it was fairly successful! how were your weeks in the hunt for pyrex?


  1. Wow, it's nearly a dead-ringer for the Old Town. It's funny because I've come across *so* much Glasbake and Fire King over the last week. There are some real cuties out there, but I gotta limit myself to just Pyrex.

  2. Hah Lauren, you know I'm reading this... and yes please!! it matches my every day dishes :) thanks love!

  3. excellent! it is officially set aside for you.