Friday, July 27, 2012

The ULTIMATE Pyrex Sale (Seattle-area people, pay attention!)

Dear Western Washington Pyrex Dudes and Dudettes,

Don't miss out on this: Craigslist ad for the most amazing Pyrex sale ever (seriously).

I first found out about this seller from an ad she posted on Craigslist for a beautiful set of Friendship Cinderella bowls, which I bought as a wedding gift for a cousin. We exchanged a bunch of emails but it was my mother-in-law who conducted the sale in person since they both live on Vashon Island. My family and I made a recent trip to Vashon last weekend for the Strawberry Festival, so I got to go to this seller's house and pick out some gorgeous pieces (for myself this time). However, I didn't even make a dent in her vast supply of promotionals and wide array of patterns. Check out the ad--an entire corner of her sun-room, where everything is displayed, is JUST TURQUOISE. And I didn't even buy any (I'm sort of wondering why now).

The seller is amazingly friendly (and she's one of us, so you know she knows her stuff). We had a great time gossiping about our various Pyrex experiences while I tried (and tried and tried) to choose which pieces to purchase. I thought her prices were great--she even had a "fire sale" corner full of stuff that was only a dollar because of chips, scratches or dishwasheredness. I found several only slightly nicked or faded bowls that I use for cereal and salads.

Okay, my husband just asked me when the Magna Carta will be finished, so I'll conclude by saying Vashon is a great place to visit. Cute little town, beautiful ferryboat ride, all that. If you're looking for a fun summer day trip (and an excuse to buy some awesome Pyrex), look no further.

Happy Pyrexing!
Margaret Ann


  1. Replies
    1. I am wondering the same thing..

      Did she mention why Margaret Ann?

    2. Hey guys--the general answer would be downsizing...the personal stuff is her story to tell. She's such a neat lady and definitely on the up-and-up--nothing shady about this at all. I don't think either of you are local (?), but if you are, be sure to get out there and check out the gorgeousness :).

  2. Why?! Oh why?! Can I not be there right now?! Oh yeah, because I love in the Detroit area...

  3. I live in NY, so I'm wayy too far away for this AMAZING sale!!! I really wish I could hit the jackpot like this, share the purchases with us! Curious!

  4. Thanks, Margaret Ann! I went yesterday and got some awesome pieces that I probably would never have been able to afford otherwise. I loved meeting everyone and am even getting a few more pieces for friends (Music Staffs!). Could you put some pics up of what you got? I would love to see them! Everything was in such great shape!

  5. Nicole, I'm so glad you went!!! Oddly enough, I kept thinking about you since I know you probably live somewhere near-ish us, judging from your posts. I'll try to get some pictures up. I actually didn't go crazy there...I got a few pieces that I really loved and then a handful of "fire sale" things and a couple gorgeous Fire King mugs. I had some regrets about leaving some of the pieces behind (the "Vintage/Grapes" casserole in particular), but I'll get over it ;). I had such fun just looking at everything.