Tuesday, July 10, 2012

all about {butter}

today's post is all about butter. butterprint, butterfly gold and a butter dish.

i was SO stoked to find my very first butterprint piece! well, that's not exactly totally true. i did find two piece several weeks ago but the pattern was so worn off that it wasn't worth $3 that they cost. but, today it was worth it! the bowl has been used and loved and has some scuff marks (must figure out a good way to get them out!) but the pattern is still fairly bright and bold!

i was also lucky to find a butterfly gold butter dish! it was stacked among some old tea cups and anniversary sets in the rick-rack section of the thrift store but i found it and grabbed it! it is in really good condition as well and was only $3.50. you know me, when it comes to butterfly gold, i'll pay anything for a piece of it. :)

just a snippet of my butterfly gold collection--the iPhone camera lens can only show so much. :)

what patterns would you pay anything for if you saw them? what's the most expensive price you've ever paid because you couldn't leave the dish behind?


  1. Congrats on your Butterfly Gold and your Butterprint! Super Cute
    Erica :)

  2. Anything I haven't seen before (rare promotionals, etc) I have to buy if I see them. And Autumn Harvest is my weakness! I just sold a butterfly gold butter dish on eBay last week, it only went for $1. Sad for me, but glad you found one :)

  3. At a thrift store? $14.99 for blue New Dots. Had too.

    $15 for a pink 404 to complete a set, couldn`t leave it. $15 off Craigslist for a Friendship casserole.

    I wouldn`t pay anything for my favourite patterns - I have some limits. $69 for that delphite 502? PASS!

  4. Early on I way overpaid! $20 for one solid blue large cinderella bowl (antique store). I still paid a good amount for my butterpriny cinderellas ($50 I think) but I loveeeee them.

    The lowest I've paid is 50cents for a pearl divided casserole, and $1 for other divideds. My best score? My free mixing bowls from my gramma :)

    I wouldn't pay anything, but I'd surely pay more for peices that have been haunting me- I want an atomic utility/spacesaver!