Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pennsylvania Jackpot

Ever since I moved further south, Pyrex seems to be in short supply. I picked up three Spring Blossom items (you can see the first one here), but apart from that bowl, another smaller one, and a fridge dish without a lid, I haven't even seen much of anything. 

I'm not sure if I'm simply not finding the right stores or if the Pyrex popularity means more people are finding it before me. Whenever I do see it, the prices elude my budget.

In reality though, there are only a few things I'm keeping my eyes out for. Promotional pieces like the one I found here. More turquoise plates. A Butterprint 441 to match the rest of the collection I found here. And the small yellow hostess bowls to add to the one I found here

Last week, I went back to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and besides the prospect of Pumkpin Pie, I was most excited about thrifting for Pyrex.

The thrift stores however yielded nothing more than a Butterfly Gold mug, so I scoped out a few antique stores instead. I returned to the same store where I first spotted the Starbust. I noticed the vendor had 30% off of everything, so I considered nabbing the space saver myself, but alas, it looks like someone else got there first. I'm glad it finally went to a Pyrex loving home. 

At another nearby store, I lamented to a friend that I kept finding entire sets of Butterprint cinderella bowls on sale, but I only needed the small 441. As soon as I the words were out of my mouth, I turned around and saw THIS: 

Of course it came home with me to complete the set.

And while last year I probably wouldn't have shelled out $5 for such a small bowl, I justified it thinking that I couldn't even get one on eBay that cheap to complete the collection. 

I also spent a day in Adamstown, and hit the jackpot. While there were no turquoise plates to be found, I found a bunch of the pinkish/salmon colored ones on sale. I had already found two dinner plates earlier in the week for only $4. After the Adamstown antique blitz, I had a total of five dinner plates, five salad plates, two dessert plates, a cup and a saucer (all from different vendors) for under $20 for everything. 

I've actually seen a few of these where I live and I considered collecting them (they go really well with the turquoise ones!), but I didn't want to pay $9 a plate. I couldn't believe my luck in Adamstown finding so many so cheap. One store had 20% off of everything and another one had the same discount on anything over $10. 

I also found a Gooseberry 474-B for only a few dollars, since there is a small chip on the bottom. I love how it matches the plates. 

And finally, while there was nary a tiny yellow hostess cup to be found, I did score the larger bowl and four of the serving dishes for only $16. 

How could I pass that up?! Even though they are different sizes, the set still looks great with my other two bowls.

I know the prices were higher than any Pyrex I may have found in the thrift stores (then again, these days Pyrex is crazy high there too!), but these were all pieces I was on the hunt for, so I decided to splurge a bit. Plus I figured that I might not find these same things back home where I live. I still think I got a bargain. Happy holidays to me... my Pyrex wish list is pretty complete! 

What pieces are you willing to make a budget exception for?

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season (with Pyrex-in-Action, of course). 



  1. I have all the sizes in the red hostess set, but would love the yellow too! Never pass up a bowl that completes a set!

    1. Good for you getting the red set -- I see that one more often than the yellow, but it's usually damaged by dishwasher use!

  2. I will always make a budget exception for Space Savers, pinks, and turquoises.

  3. Wow! Lots of great stuff you got! Love all the colors!

    I have too much Pyrex. Can't say what I would shell out more for. I sometimes wish I had a more narrow focus, I just love all the colors and patterns.

    1. Yes, I've had more than one clear-out (especially after moving!), and now I feel a bit more focused on what I'm looking for. My husband still thinks the cabinets may burst though!

  4. Completing sets always gives me such a giddy feeling! So glad you were able to have some Pyrex luck in Pennsylvania. Sometimes we just have to pay the higher antique mall prices or head to eBay to get what we want. It doesn't matter HOW you acquire the piece. What matters is that you got it!


  5. Congrats on your purchases! I think we can all agree that the world has caught up to us in admiring the beauty of vintage Pyrex, so sometimes we have to bite the bullet and pay more than we would have before. I think promotionals, especially holiday related are pieces I am willing to stretch the budget for.

    Oh, and if I EVER see a Starburst in the wild, in good shape-I would just hand them my wallet ;)