Monday, December 23, 2013

Pyrex I did not buy!

Almost the end of the year. I saw so much I didn't buy. I have come to that stage. I don't want/need a bunch anymore. Do not get me wrong I LOVE Pyrex, but I do not want to have  rooms and rooms of Pyrex sitting around. I like to look at my stuff and use it. 

So here is the some last of it and where to find it. 

Snowflake divided dish
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Again I have this one. And again when I went back the next day it was gone. I don't understand why they price so high. I know they have percent off days, but some one. No one thinks they are getting a deal at $15.

Early American 444
Salvation Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Even though this is priced not as a collectable they still priced it way to high.  The funny thing is they had two other 444s and they were priced at $15 each (do we see a pattern!). Wonder why this guy, to them, is worth less. Maybe because it has a design on it? Ugg

You can see more of what I left for you over at 

Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting

Treasure Hunter 

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  1. I recently saw a set of Shenandoah Cinderella bowls less the 441. They wanted $14.99 for the 444 alone! They were gone today, I think they went down to 25% on Tuesday. I don't need them even though I got some casseroles and bowls, I'll just complete the regular bowl set, I have more Pyrex than I need. Even my husband thought that price was not reasonable compared to how they are prices at other thrifts.