Monday, December 9, 2013

My Weekly Pyrex Finds

Well, I did find some Pyrex last week even though I only got to go out locally--twice.  This freak winter storm has had us stuck in the house the past 3 days and I doubt we will go out today as the roads in the neighborhood are packed with snow and ice and we don't have 4-wheel drive.  It's been in the single digits at night, we are hoping to see temperatures as high as mid 30s IF they are right.  It's been colder than forecasted for the past few days. It's hard going cold turkey, I was a little blue over it yesterday.'s what I did get!
I got a Dandelion promotional which I really like.  Price was $3.75, not too bad.  The Woodland was sold as a set at a thrift I don't like to visit because it seems like the same junk sits there forever.  The entire set was $5.60, that was a deal as far as the thrifts here go.  Always happy to find a fridgie lid, can never have too many of those.

I've been doing Christmas stuff at my place and posting on my blog  here.
I'm missing hunting for Christmas goodies too while I'm stuck at home--sigh.

(hopelessly addicted,)



  1. Lovely pieces and the prices were right! I'd love to come across that dandelion promo.