Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome Home

I am slowly but surely moving things over to my fiancĂ©'s apartment, where my beautiful pyrex collection now resides. I have my butterfly gold for everyday use, and my turquoise for special things like holidays. 

Today I ran errands with my parents, who both whole heartedly support my pyrex addiction... We stopped to 2 antique stores. Sone other things that I left behind were an early american cinderella set $65, square flowers 475 for $6, and random little pieces. Somehow, the scroll was only priced at $9! I chit chatted with the lady about a sign that said "free kittens" (loooovvee cats as much as pyrex lol but I can't collect those too). Because we had such a nice conversation, she even gave me a bit of a discount. $8 scroll with lid, no tax.

I also got this tulips casserole for $5 at the other place, as well as a cake pan for $2!

Happy hunting!


  1. Nice scores! I like them all but the scroll is awesome.

  2. Fantastic! Love them both!!! Good prices too!

  3. Thanks everyone! Im wishy washy about the tulips. Might trade it on fb.

  4. I like Tulips to display with other black pieces near Halloween (since I just got mine this Hallloween). I would have got square flowers. A pattern you never see (and I mean it - never!) around here.