Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer's End Thrifting Adventure

Since my kids are about to go back to school, we went for one last thrifting adventure together. My 7-year-old son, especially, is a great help and sometimes finds some great stuff I might have otherwise missed. I'll miss having him along for the next few months. These are some of our finds- you can find the rest at

I have had a bit of a Pyrex drought lately. I think it's pretty well documented that thrift stores are onto those of us that collect it, so when I do find it, it's way overpriced. But every once in a while I find some for a decent price. This Early American 401 mixing bowl was $1.97 at the Lancaster Goodwill. It's not a pattern I collect, so will be heading over to my antique store booth. Incidentally, I saw a 403 for this set today at a different thrift store- they wanted $17 for it. No thanks! (I also saw a set of Woodland mixing bowls at the same store for like $35- obviously they are still there.)

I bought this mint condition yellow 501 fridgie at another thrift store. I think it was $2. I always buy these if they are reasonable, regardless of pattern. I use them to store all kinds of things, mostly condiments and small bits of garlic, etc. And since I do collect primary, this was a no-brainer.

This was a bit of a splurge for me at $5, but I have never had a patterned lid casserole before. I do love the green color and it was in great condition underneath a boatload of grease and dirt. It's a 1 qt bake/serve/store casserole in a promo design called "Vintage" (apropos, no?) and supposedly came with a cradle, which I will have to find now! Interestingly it's from the same store with the crazy prices above- just goes to show that sometimes different people price things very differently, even at the same store!


  1. Love the green one! are those grapes on the top of it? Very cool! Your fridgie was a great deal too, where I live you can never find those with a lid for less than 10 bucks :)

  2. This green one is pretty awesome looking! I'm not sure I've ever seen it with a lid, good find!

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  4. I wouldn't have minded to pay $5 for that beauty!!

  5. Vintage Grapes