Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Dream, A Story and a New Find

Hi there fellow Pyrex lovers!  I have a few things on my mind.

First, I had a dream about Pyrex last night.  What does that mean?    It was weird too...

I was at an estate sale, and there was this crabby grandma lady...

Well, she said she had this perfect Hostess bowl with a lid in red and I could have it for $40.  I tried to get her
down, but she wouldn't do it.  For some reason I said "OK" and gave her the money.  She then handed me a bowl with a lid that had carved in graffiti all over it.  (Yes, weird).
I wouldn't pay $40 for this perfect bowl!



(Side note...why is the text doing weird stuff....sizes and starting points!  Ahhh!!! Sorry.)

Anyway, I said, "no way!" and asked for my money back.  She said no, and that it was a great deal.

Very, Very strange.


Next, the story.

On vacation, I met this wonderful retire lady named Charlene at my in laws retirement community pool.  She talked about her parents migrating from Sweden to Orville, WA where her dad became the primary fruit box manufacturer.  During this conversation she brought up going shopping with her grand daughter for "the old colored bowl and refrigerator dish set".  She said she had two sets and the only thing left was one yellow bowl.  Her husband had one by one, accidentally put them on the burner when it was hot.

Of, Course I started chatting about Pyrex, and how I love it and collect it.  She talked about her set of "Brown Bowls with the little lip on it"  (I am guessing Woodland Cinderella) that she got in the 70's when she married her second husband after her first died.  She still uses them.  It was fun to see how a bunch of kitchen dishes just came up in conversation as part of the history in someones life.


Finally, the find.  And I'm sorry for whatever is going on with the text, I don't know what the deal is! At Goodwill...this beautiful milk chocolate 404 of the Americana set called out for $5.

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  1. The americana pattern isn't my favorite, but I love the solid brown.

    And I never knew those bowls had lids! I guess everyone broke those. :/ I've never seen them together.

    Fun dream though!

  2. Cute! I have pyrex dreams sometimes too :) and the best thing is my boyfriend would mock my obsession... But he admitted recently that pyrex showed up in his dream too!