Monday, August 6, 2012

pyrex england

lately, i have noticed that many of you have said that "pyrex england" is a rareity in your areas. i had no idea! i seem to see it everywhere here in manitoba. even my small town thrift store always has an abundance of it but the patterns often aren't my cup of tea so i don't pick much of it up. :)

however, there are three pieces from the "pyrex england" collection that have made their way into my home. finding information on them has proved to be quite difficult so if i am classifying them incorrectly, feel free to correct me!

this was my first piece from the collection. it's the cherry blossom pattern. i'm not sure if i would purchase it if i saw it on the shelf now but back then i bought anything and everything that said "pyrex". :)

my second piece! i LOVE the colours on this piece. it's called country autumn and i even found the matching lid in one of the bins that our thrift store has for leftover casserole lids.

i found this third piece awhile back and wrote about it here. this pattern is so unique and looks a little old town-ish but i just love it. i'm not totally sure of its name but i've seen others refer to it as "vine". after googling it, i've realized that it may actually come with a dark lid which is totally crazy because whenever i see those in the lid bin, i just move right passed them. i didn't even know that they were pyrex. tomorrow i'll be making a stop at the lid bin!

a post from me wouldn't be complete without a snippet of butterfly gold. i love how well the country autumn piece goes with these bowls.


  1. I do see Pyrex England quite often, but I find many pieces quite unattractive. I live in Toronto, Ontario.

  2. I'm in Ontario, I see it all the time too but it's not something I buy, I have a couple of pieces and that's enough for me!!

  3. the cherry blossom is fantastic! those patterns are even more vibrant than the ones i see around! i think pyrex england might be something that would work for you on ebay. it's always worth a try!

    great finds!

  4. Also living in Manitoba I see boat loads of the stuff, just not vibrant enough for me I guess

    I've heard it said that there is lots here because of all the English war brides - they came over after the war and by the 50's and 60's brought family over and were affluent enough to bring their housewares with them - not sure I hold anything to this theory! But I do know lots of folks that are from England....

  5. That's an interesting theory! I'm happy with the three pieces I have but I agree with the rest of you that most just aren't vibrant enough.

  6. I have an Autumn Country bowl with lid we inherited from my Mother in law. It has a smoky brown lid. Just though you might want to know :).