Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pyrex in Saint Louis

Anyone else out there in Pyrex land from St. Louis? Took a trip last weekend (on date night, of course) to The Future Antiques and was speechless. They have so many beautiful Pyrex pieces, as their website photos show. I found a compass divided dish and finally got a large yellow refrigerator dish with lid. This will complete my primary refrigerator set, as soon as I see my Aunt to grab the two small red ones she has for me!

I haven't had one Goodwill find in my area (west of STL), but mostly thrift stores and antique stores. Anyone else in my area have that experience? 

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  1. Cute finds! Yes, most of my pieces lately have come from Antique stores that are having a sale. I did find a turquoise snowflake divided for $4.99 at the G.W latst week, but it came with a "Blue Horizons" lid! haha I still bought it. Pyrex getting harder to find in the wild!
    Erica :)

  2. I want to go to there! Are the prices at The Future Antiques comparable to garage/estate sales?

    I have a Goodwill in my area, but I haven't found any vintage pyrex. I think it's mainly youngish people who donate to my local store. I did see a huge stack of saucer type plates of the Corelle spring blossom pattern though.

  3. I think The Future's Antique prices were higher than garage or estate sales. I think I paid $8 for the compass piece as it was on their clearance shelf (they did have some nice deals there, but not a ton of Pyrex). I paid $22 (blushes) for the refrigerator dish, but I really wanted to complete my set. They had some turquoise oval snowflake casseroles with lids for $25 each. I think their primary refrigerator sets were $60-70. They also had a lovely set of Friendship cinderella casseroles for $59. It's a really neat store and a great place to maybe find a HTF piece. Worth a trip to look, for sure! I wish we lived closer so I could periodically look in their clearance section!

  4. I work right down the street from TFA, but surprisingly have never gone in. I know I'm gonna walk in and immediately spend all of my rent money, so it's best to avoid the temptation. I have had decent luck at antique malls as far as price, but I won't say great. My thrifted pieces are few and far between. When I do find them, though, they're generally a steal.