Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Butterfly Gold

I didn't feel like doing anything productive today so it seemed that a trip to Goodwill was in order.  I was so bummed that I didn't find any Pyrex there that I did something that I never do....I went to the Salvation Army.  Since the Salvation Army closest to me built a nice new big store they tend to overprice everything and I don't go there.  I was glad I did though.  I got this perfect condition Butterfly Gold gravy boat and saucer.  My little collection is slowly growing. :-)

Since the Goodwill store near my house has been spoiling me with $3.25 for 4 quart bowls and $12.25 for a four piece set of bowls,  I was a little unhappy about the $7.00 price tag on this set.  I'm not sure if that is good price or a high price but I wanted it.


  1. So cute. I saw a "blue onion" boat without it's tray in a shop for $10 last week. Had to pass even though I would like a gravy boat someday. I think $7 is a good deal!
    Erica :)

  2. If you love it, don't worry about paying what may seem like high for a thrift store. The gravy boat and drip plates are really hard to come by in sets here. I think you found something awesome!


  3. That is a good price! They are really nice gravy boats and like Erica said, they're hard to come by with the under plate and the boat together.

    Happy hunting. :)


  4. Wow! I found a butterfly gold sugar, creamer, gravy boat and saucer for 3.99 once-- yes, for all!! so glad i bought it even tho i dont collect that color! Its adorable though :)

  5. Oh good. I'm glad it was a good price and I think it's a beautifully made gravy boat.

  6. That's not to bad a price.

    Always remember this when you think something is too expensive or are just unsure, everybody deserves to splurge & spoil themselves every once in awhile. & who knows? I might never see it again...

  7. I've actually NEVER seen a gravy boat WITHOUT the underplate.

    (check back with me next week, though... lol, probably will after saying this)