Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Butterflies & Lavender

I've got a good collection of Butterfly Gold. It is definitely the Pyrex in my kitchen that gets used the most. Its easily found in thrift stores here and it's not my absolute favourite (Gooseberry) so I don't feel too badly using it. Bad enough though that it never gets a cycle through my dishwasher.

I recently got an ice cream attatchment maker to go with my kitchenaid mixer, which I'm pretty darn excited about! I love ice cream even though it gives me incredibly bad stomach cramps and after eating it makes me want to die. Anyway, some of those laxaid or lactose interlance pills should do the trick and set me well on my way to enjoying ice cream!

In my butterfly gold little mixing bowl, lavender to go in my lavender honey ice cream! I refuse to let summer slip by just yet! I'll be on my blog tomorrow with how I made the ice cream and how well the attatchment did (or didn't) work and of course, with more pyrex photos!

I hope you all are enjoying your pyrex as summer winds down!



  1. Love this pic, and love this idea! I just picked up an ice cream maker too, I should try something like this. I just started with the home made vanilla.