Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Orchard, I love thee.

Wanna See some of my most recent  finds? lookie here:

I almost missed out on this: 

Old Orchard 501 with lid. You wanna know why you can read about it here. 
Stupid Thrift stores!  I love this set, It is one I have wanted for a long time. I found it once, didn't buy it and went back and of course it was gone. Now to find the other 3. 

I also grabbed this Anchor Hocking Measuring cup, no handle, with splash guard and beater. I have wanted a Pyrex one and didn't want to shell out the money for the one I saw at Value Village (they wanted $50!)  I came home with this lovely  for $7.

My local no name  thrift store was being a real pain this week (see above link) but I managed to get what I wanted. You wanna see my other treasures you can read about them at


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