Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cherry Picked Vegas Adventure!

After visiting Ricks Restoration and taking in all that Vegas has to offer I made some time to "pick" a few things as well.  My best find was....come on guess?    
PYREX!   I found a complete Hostess set.  The set had six ramekins.  I believe it originally only came with four.  But because I have hoping to find the set piece by piece I already have another big red bowl and two ramekins in my collection.  So now I have 2 complete sets!  One to sell and one to keep:)  I love when that happens.

I also found some English Pyrex and had so much fun picking Vegas.  To read all about Rick's Restoration and my other Vegas finds click HERE


  1. I live in Vegas and have a really hard time finding Pyrex. Do you mind sharing where you went?

    Pretty hostess set! I love red, there isn't enough red Pyrex.

  2. Ricks restoration sounds cool! I watch it every wk! Cute blog, nice finds!