Saturday, August 4, 2012

One..and two..and then three.

So I'm the proud owner of triplets! For how "small" my collection is I can't believe I have triples of some things.

The Spring Blossom are my triplets. I saw a garage sale that didn't list any Pyrex but I saw an entire set of Verde fridgies in one of the pictures. So I got there 30 minutes late and the only thing left was this Spring Blossom 474 for $1. I got the 473 and the other 474 from the nice lady who likes to give me Pyrex in the same day. She also got me the Gold Acorn which I'm in looove with. I found the fridgie and the Town and Country bowl later the same day. 

I found this last week and I was over the moon about it,

I love how big it is ( four cups ). 

So I guess my drought is over but I still feel restless. I think it's because I missed out on all the great Pyrex ( all on the $1 table no less ) at that garage sale.  

I leave you all with a cute picture that the pyrex loving people on Flickr enjoyed a lot. A kitten I was watching in a Butterprint 444 I got about a month ago.

Happy hunting. :)


  1. Fantastic! I loooooveee this picture with the cat! Precious :) great collection is building!

  2. Ohhhh what a precious kitty! I know the feeling of having twins/triplets/etc of some things. Sometimes you just forget what you have! :-)