Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recent Finds

Here are some recent Pyrex pieces I have aquired...

DOTS! - Oh I just about squealed with happiness when I saw this little beauty at the bottom of a stack of bowls in a nearby antique shop.  The price was well under what I would have had to pay online so I swooped on it... unless the price was crazy, I couldn't leave a New Dots bowl!

These two little Rainbow Stripes guys were the result of my first trade.  It was fun to meet a fellow Pyrex lover in my area.  We got each other's number and have been on the lookout for what the other needs. 
The mixing bowl pair came from a local thrift store... grand total of $4, can't beat that!  I actually LOVE the plain opal items. 
I completed my first set!  Primary fridgies - all found at different spots.  The orange on the bottom is an old refrigerator drawer and the loaf pan on the top is Fire King with the markings dating it to the mid 1940's!  It may not technically go together, but I like the primary colored flowers with the primary colored fridgies.
And my last piece of eye candy for the day... a Golden Poinsettia casserole with the lid!!  This was found at an antique store with a price of $7.50 (that seemed really good!)... the lid was a little chipped, but still useable.  It is my very first Christmas dish!
Until next time, Happy Pyrex Hunting!!



  1. I found my first dots last week too! Blue as well :) I am feeling some major, major envy pains though over your pointsetta, that's my personal holy grail. Great finds!

  2. just pinned the rainbow stripes to my 'pyrex i want' pinboard...nice find!