Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Words to the wise.  Never leave a lid. Never leave a lidless dish just because it is lidless. 
All at one store. 
That is a ton of lids. 

You can also click the link and see my other score of the week.


  1. I agree! I've already matched a few lids to some lidless pieces I've found!

  2. That is definitely good advice to follow. I never leave lids behind. I may even have more lids than dishes:-)


  3. Jealous! I need like 4 of those lids! I can never find just lids at any of my thrift stores out here. Lucky gal :)

  4. I left some there too. I got 11 lids total. They were at the goodwill in corona, ca if anyone in that area needs some, they still might be there.

  5. I've got so many lids right now, lol. 470-C seems to be the most common. I once found 6 or 7 in one trip alone.

    I think I have about 25-30 lids floating around my home, tucked away. Just wish I could come across refrigerator dish lids!

    I got a deal on my pink Butterprint from the seller. She knew what it was worth, she was a collector, had a great collection, but it was missing a lid. I got a deal on it & the reason I got such a good deal was because it didn't have a lid... but I had gotten a lid at Value Village for 99cents!

  6. This may sound dumb, but how do you tell if it's a Pyrex lid? I was just at Goodwill and saw several lone glass lids.

    1. It will say "Pyrex" on the lid handle in small letters and often is labelled with its code too so you know what to match it up too--although many lids are interchangeable.

  7. I worry about buying lids. Is there a chance that the lid is from new Pyrex and not vintage Pyrex? And if this is possible, does it matter?