Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've been on vacation...Chelan area in Washington State and Portland, Oregon.  Here's what I found!

My husband was at a meeting...the day before vacation.  He called me from a V.V.  The conversation went something like this.
"Hey, I've got this Pyrex bowl...."
"What does it look like?"
"It's little and it's got these blue canoe's on it."
"Blue Canoe's?"
"Well, that's what it looks like."
"How much?"
"Five Bucks"
"Get it...I'm too curious now."

Can You believe he had part of "The Eyes!?!"  And it wasn't even marked Pyrex on the bottom!  The man is good!

Red Fridgie, found at a church Yard Sale for $1!

Found the blue Fridgie thrifting...yippee!  Both of these have the before 1950's mark on it.

Found lids for .50 ea at a thrift and Yard sale for my cool "Jetson" bowls!

Served grapes to friends in Green "Jetson" bowl!

This is a great restaurant on the way to Chelan, WA

They used "Fridgies" for condiments

Found this at a fantastic Antique Mall called Apple Annie's in Cashmere, WA. (Golden Poinsettias)  I paid more than I've paid for any Pyrex (I usually am a thrift under $5 person) but we were on vacation...and it's Christmas...and it had the candle warmer thingy with 50 year old candles still in it!  All firsts for me.

Oh, how I've wanted this!  At an antique mall in Wenatchee,!

Found another red fridgie and thrifted the yellow to complete the set.  Hubby used the "Magic Eraser" (New for me) and scrubbed black stuff off of it.

I found this curious piece (Golden Honeysuckle) for $2 at a Portland, OR Goodwill.  I picked it up thinking it was NOT Pyrex, it's so unusual.  It's part of a short lived line of Oblong pans.

This baby was found a the Goodwill Superstore in was indeed, Super!

OK, I also just did some fun photos of stuff I already had...

I leave you with a Rainbow of Pyrex!

Come on over to
to see the rest of my vacation finds :) 

Stacey Johnson


  1. amazing sets! i saw this odd piece at the thrift the other day and thought, huh, that looks like a pyrex caddy, but no label. from your poinsettia picture, now i know i was right! and dumb for not getting it!

  2. Canoes! Haha I love it! All of your pics are so pretty. The 024, 2QT "Jetson" bowls are my favorite piece. I want them in every color! But New Dot in Blue is next on my wish list!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Erica :)

    1. Erica, I really love the 024's too! Thanks

  3. You found some terrific pieces! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! So jealous of your $5 "blue canoes""!!!!!!!

  5. Canoes! I love it! I don't think "eyes" is the official name, there is still time to change it to "canoes".

  6. Guys are funny, canoes haha! But I guess it does look like canoes... Good eye husband!

  7. Guys are funny, canoes haha! But I guess it does look like canoes... Good eye husband!

  8. I have NEVER heard of someone finding an Eyes bowl at a thrift store. Awesome find for the hubby!

  9. I love so much about this post!
    I laughed about the "canoes"! That's something one of my family members would call it too.
    I love that the Diner used Pyrex, how cute is that?!
    And your Pyrex rainbow is awesome :)