Monday, August 20, 2012

Small Town USA

In small-town Bouckville, NY (about an hour or so away from Syracuse, NY) was the annual "Bouckville Antique Festival"! Thousands came from around the country to celebrate fabulous antiques and collectibles. I followed suit... Can you believe this Scroll Serving Bowl with cradle and box?! A steal at $8!!
 I have been looking for an amish butterdish but still with no luck. I did find this snowflake one though ($5)! I also found these two odd lids. The left is labeled Pyrex France, the right is labeled just Pyrex but has a domed lid... any idea about these? I bought them anyways. $1 each.

 Another couple pieces: Butterfly Gold small casserole with lid for $2.50, and a fridgie with lid for $5.
 Small pink "Stems" casserole without lid, $7.

 And a primary set that I completed. I got the blue bowl for $5 at a garage sale, red for $3 at Salvation Army, and the green and yellow at Bouckville for $13 each... compared to alot of the dealers, this was still an ok price.

Mostly, the pyrex was priced SKY HIGH! Gooseberry fridgie set $100, solid pink fridgie set $125, Gooseberry Cinderella Set $75, Butterprint Cinderella $75, and full primary sets $90. WHY?!

PS considering making an etsy site soon. I have a lot of random pieces that I think other collectors would like more than me. I'm still trying to stick to to turquoise and pink.... with just some stragglers!

Happy Pyrexing!

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  1. The scroll bowl is beautiful! That was a steal, wow.

    "Gooseberry Cinderella Set $75, Butterprint Cinderella $75, and full primary sets $90."

    If they were in good condition that's pretty reasonable. The gooseberry has been selling really, really high on Ebay lately.

    Have you thought about trading your Pyrex?

    1. Hello there! I guess I've been spoiled by thrifty prices... And my student budget! I have considered trading. I actually posted a bunch a few days ago under the title "galavanting and trades". Let me know if you're interested! Are you in NY state?

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time. You got some terrific deals. I've never seen the pink stems!!!

  3. Oh! I love the pink stems, I've never seen those ones in the wild!

  4. oh Marilyn, I am so sorry that the birds scare you, I keep the volume very low on my computer because some sites have loud music, so I totally understand, I just love bird song... I will try to find a softer bird song... thanks for stopping by

  5. great finds! love the blue fridgie WITH LID for $5! wow!

  6. I love, love, love your stems dish. It is very high on my wish list. If you want to trade I have lots I would be willing to part with for it.

    1. I think id consider trading for something high on my wish list. I desperately want a turquoise starburst utility dish. Gooseberry fridgies too. I will say though, i dont have the lid and it has a little bit of wear. Not sure if that changes things for you. Email me at And maybe we can make it work!! Im also starting an etsy shop (search bobeskydesigns and ive started to post some pyrex)