Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bacon, Pyrex & Parties

I belong to a local cultural center that was throwing their annual fundraiser; a pig roast (dinner and dessert) and horseshoe tournament. I'm not much of a pork eater, but I do not shy away from a good party! For such a specific event, what better to bake and donate than maple-bacon cupcakes with bourbon frosting? And... I had to try one!

Cute, and overly delicious, pictured here on a flamingo pink pyrex dessert plate (Yes, that is indeed a piece of bacon on top)!

This has been a very productive summer! To celebrate, I had my family over to celebrate some important academic gains. Champagne, sun, warm breeze, and appetizers on the deck. My blue striped bowl with a dip, butterprint bowl with chips, and some blue salad plates made it to this table. Is it sad that I'm too scared to put out my "good stuff" for the company? I kept my casseroles hidden...Yes, maybe that's a shame.

Another occasion, celebrating good times at my boyfriend's apartment: some pink and blue pieces... and some wine :)

Oh yeah-- Today at my local Good Will, I did not find a single piece of pyrex [disappointed]. But I found a SUPER cute glasbake mug with two kittens on it. I held back, but it is still on my mind. Is anyone else against non-pyrex, milk glass? It's like it's pyrex's enemy... but I guess just competition. Why am I so anti? Ahh! And so, it stayed behind at the Good Will.

Happy Pyrexing!

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  1. My DH would flip over those cupcakes :)

  2. The craziest part? I used the bacon drippings rather than vegetable oil for the cake batter... I know- soo dangerous, so delicious... Good thing I only ate one!