Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pyrex Picking Fairy Delivers Goodwill

I walk into my favorite Goodwill store periodically hoping to find a bunch of vintage goodness on the shelves.  Most of the time it is a big miss.  But, this week I scored with multiple pieces of Pyrex.  This makes 2 weeks in a row of going into this particular store and finding Pyrex sitting there waiting for me. Check out more of what I picked up by clicking HERE

Cherry Picked Finds is a blog dedicated to the discovery, story, and history of all things vintage.  Highlights include my favorite vintage collectible; Pyrex.


  1. exciting!! you *almost* have me wanting to go check my GW, even after my post the other day about how jacked up their prices are!! :P

  2. I want to stay out of the GW because of what they have been doing to their Pyrex prices...but then there are the times that I stumble across something good. It keeps me on their hook! Ahhhhh
    I'm glad you have been having good luck!
    Erica :)