Friday, August 24, 2012

Early American Surprise

This is my first post to the Pyrex Collective. I’ve collected Pyrex for several years, albeit casually. I have a pretty low limit on what I’m willing to spend, and I try to stick with just the few patterns that I like best. 

For my first post I thought I’d share my most recent score, since it was pretty exciting. I stopped by a local estate sale in my neighborhood last weekend, mostly because the advert said that they had “numerous vintage Christmas items.” One of my goals in life is to acquire a vintage aluminum Christmas tree, so I thought I’d check it out. 

On my way to the basement, the location of the Christmas items, I passed through the kitchen and scoped it out for Pyrex and other vintage goodies. There was nothing. Either someone showed up at the sale’s opening and snatched up everything, or the homeowners weren’t much for cooking. No Christmas tree, either, though I did score a box of Shiny Bright ornaments in very good condition. 

My very supportive boyfriend had come with me, and as I was rooting through the clutter of Christmas stuff in this dirty, packed basement he called me over to see if what he found was “some of the Playtex you collect.” Yes, my boyfriend mistakenly calls Pyrex Playtex on a fairly regular basis. I have to admit, I do enjoy seeing the looks on peoples’ faces when he tells them I collect Playtex.
I ran over, and sure enough, a box containing a large Cinderella bowl was tucked away on a basement shelf. I pulled it out to see the pattern and noticed a smaller bowl inside. It was a chip and dip! 
Unfortunately, when I pulled the smaller bowl out, I heard the clanging noise of the brass bracket/clip thing falling to the floor. I had to spend several minutes on my hands and knees searching the filthy basement floor for it. When I found it I picked up the box to tuck it safely back inside and noticed that it was the original box! How exciting!

Even though Early American is not one of the patterns I would normally buy, I had to ask how much they wanted for it (nothing in the basement was priced). I have never found any Pyrex in its original box and I was really excited. The cashier asked, “How does four dollars sound?”

Um, crazy? Four dollars for mint condition Pyrex in its original box? Thank goodness my boyfriend was with me since my hands were shaking and I probably would have dropped it. And it really is in great condition, though it has definitely been used. There were the remnants of some vintage dip in the smaller bowl. Gross!


  1. I'm not a big Early American lover, either, but with the original bracket and box for $4?! Crazy amazing! Great find!

  2. Wow, that is wonderful!! I do love the Early American, I think because that is the pattern we had when I was growing up. To find the chip and dip set in the original box is something I dream about. Great job of "playtex" scouting by the boyfriend, that is too funny he calls it that.

    1. That's exactly why I collect Spring Blossom. My mom still uses the gravy boat and butter dish. She said she'd leave them to me in her will. Ha ha.

  3. I love the Early American! Great find.

  4. lol @ Playtex.
    Great find, even though it's not one of your favs.

    I had a goal of finding an aluminum tree... found one, $150! No thanks! Finally bought one on eBay for $40 (shipped). It's perfect & a great price. Now I'm on the market for some pink Shiny Brites.

    - Sir Thrift-A-Lot
    Sir Thrift-A-Lot

    1. And I have a closet full of pink and teal Shiny Brights just waiting for my tree....

    2. Aha! When I was first reading this post and it mentioned wanting an aluminum tree I thought it was written by Sir Thrift! Funny!

      I think I want an aluminum tree now...

  5. Didn't know this set existed! Love it!!

  6. Lol @ Playtex. That is cute and great find.