Friday, August 31, 2012

sad state of pyrex

my once flourishing local thrift store has suddenly been very low on pyrex. i have not found a decent piece of pyrex in weeks and weeks. such a sad state i am in. i mean, there have been several pyrex pieces for sale but (as evidenced below) they are either way over-priced or in poor condition. i thought i'd share some of my findings over the past few weeks:

never seen this pattern before. anyone know its name? i can't even find something similar on google images...
a set of 3 "old orchard" mixing bowls for $20. that's too rich for my taste. plus, it's missing a bowl. plus, it's just an unattractive pattern.
a very sad sad old orchard bowl. so sad. hope it had a good life.
i love butterfly gold but even i couldn't take this cinderella bowl for $1.50. those scratches were embedded into the bowl and no magic eraser was going to save it.
a decent looking butterfly gold bowl but for $5.00. again, that's a little much. plus, i'm pretty sure my pyrex contact in winnipeg has this one set aside for me. :)
there are some attractive-looking pyrex england pieces. this is not one of them. :)
i've been seeing posts lately about "jaj" and i don't know anything about it. is it pyrex? either way, i found two pieces today that were labelled "jaj". this one was $5.00.
this "jaj" was $15.00! and it wasn't even in mint condition! i do like the retro pattern, though.
this is glas-bake but the pattern is so similar to old town. i really do like this loaf pan but it was yet another thing left on the shelves for someone else to scoop up.
hope you all continue to have much better luck finding pyrex pieces to add to your collections!


  1. yes I do! but know I don't remember if it's white on yellow, or yellow on white, it's been set aside for you for awhile

    and jaj is pyrex made in England, I always leave it behind too, colours just aren't vibrant enough for me :)

    that was definitely over priced for the old orchard! a few months ago I found the full 4 piece set for $12 in mint shape for a friend at work for her baking

  2. the mug pattern is called copper filigre I believe

  3. I am so tired of seeing JAJ - I never see anything pretty in the English Pyrex!!

  4. I agree with Periwinkle, that pattern for the mug is copper filigree. Where I live it is always slim pickings for pyrex, unless I get incredibly lucky at a garage sale. Although today at Value Village, I did pick up a crazy daisy patterned smaller bowl, for $2.99. That is way cheap for up here. Usually you never see pyrex anywhere, except in antique shops where the prices are unbelievable. I will just keep scouring the garage sales, and always hope the pyrex gods smile down on me!