Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Gift of Pyrex

My classmate is turning 24, and what better way to cheers to her life and success than with a little pyrex?! I got her into collecting too :)

I know she is missing the 402 Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowl, and she has been trying to complete this set. So when I saw it at a local antique festival, I knew I had to buy it for her ($14 for the one bowl... but I know she will love it- I'll see her tonight). I bought some paper grass, kitchen candle, and Baily's... Instant gift basket!

Now if only I could get my friends, family, and boyfriend to gift me pyrex...

Belle of the Blog


  1. That's the ultimate gift! Good job!
    I had to laugh because my post from last night was about "The Gift Of Pyrex" too! :)

    1. Cute! I wish i had some pyrex fairies! You have some great finds on your blog!

  2. fantastic gift! it's always worth spending a little more on the people who are going to appreciate it. :)