Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Galavanting... and Trades?

I found the cutest place, right under my nose! I went to the State University of New York at Oswego for graduate school and always passed this charming antique store near Fulton, NY. It wasn't until today that I had the time and $ to stop! Adorable, well-kept, clean, and BIG! 4 buildings to hunt!

I found a large snowflake casserole to fit my stand ($13), and a pink gooseberry 402 cinderella ($7), as well as a SCROLL utility ($8)! Ah, I've been waiting for this day- now I need a turquoise scroll!
Ozzie's Antique Store

I also found some things that I want to trade... anyone with some turquoise or pink pieces in on this? If so, email me at cmbobesk@syr.edu

Here's what I have (I do have others not pictured listed at bottom):

Colonial Mist - Set of three in box (some writing on box). Missing the 402 sized blue bowl. Perfect condition.

 Butterfly Gold largest casserole, no lid.

 Spring Green, Kelly Green, Bright Green? Anyway, I found it :), with lid.

Beige promotional with divided lid.

 I also have:
The beige dandelion promotional divided dish with lid
Solid primary blue divided dish
Three medium sized blue fridgies (no lid)
Solid primary blue smallest casserole (round)
A solid beige fridgie (small) from the mushroom pattern I think.
Yellow golden scroll promotional with embellished lid

Hope you were as successful in your pyrex hunt as I was!!!

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  1. I'm interested in your green bowl. Where are your wants listed? Thanks!

  2. Hi Nicole! I have a lot of the butterprint already but really want another butter dish! I need a dip square bowl and hanger. I also want turquoise spacesaver/utilities (starburst, scroll or any solid turquoises) as well as pink refrigerator pieces (gooseberry or any pink). I know some of these are tougher. Let me know if you have pink or turquoise pieces you'd like to part with :) email me cmbobesk@syr.edu. Hope we can work something out!!