Monday, August 13, 2012

Ivy chip but no dip

Lats weekend trying to beat the heat we did a little shopping.

I managed to find an Ivy Chip bowl.  Oh were or were has the chip bowl gone?

So now I can add to my list to find is the chip bowl.

Seems like everything I am finding is missing their lids, or some other part that makes them whole. Like I am missing the lid to the Old Orchard on top (BTW that dish is so dirty. Oven cleaner worked wonders on it, it looks practically new) . And I got a butter dish with only the base.

UGG.  It is all the fun of the hunt right?

~Katie at


  1. I'm on the hunt for the dip part of the set.. and the holder too, I guess!

    Just have the chip bowl.

    1. I don't have one dip bowl but I have 3 chip bowls. One day we will find the dip bowls!