Thursday, August 2, 2012

The New Kid on the Block!

Greetings to all you fabulous Pyrex lovers! I have been collecting Pyrex for a bit now and finally worked up the nerve to join this site. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts, looking at your finds, and seeing your blogs! 

Here's my most recent stash shot: 

Thanks for looking! I blog about Pyrex, thrifting, cooking, heirloom gardening, and crafting at my blog The Halcyon Life! I am so excited to join this community and share in the Pyrex love!



  1. Hey Priscilla! I enjoyed checking out your blog! Are you a Kentucky girl as well? :)
    Love your collection!

  2. Denise, I am from Kentucky and one of the photos on my blog is of my parent's 200 acre farm. DH and I are living a little west of St. Louis now (his hometown) because of his work. I miss Kentucky so much! (Though I like where we live too). I just need to be able to spend half the year here and the other half there!

  3. Beautiful collection! I'm going to run over to your blog now. :)