Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heinz 57...I mean 507

I found this interesting utility dish last week on Thursday at my more pricey GW. It was $3.99. I wasn't sure if it was a tiny cake pan, a refrigerator dish, or what?! But it had a minor little paint scratch and otherwise super shiny and interesting green of course I grabbed it.

Had the numbers 507-B on the back. Checked it out over at Pyrexlove and came to find out that I had picked up a Heinz promotional piece. It almost matches my salad bowl I posted about last month in color EXACTLY.

What a fun find! Especially when I didn't realize what I had was kind of different. Any interesting finds lately?

Jenny from thetoddlerwhisperer 


  1. That's cool. It's fun to find out what it's from...the history makes it more interesting! Was the salad bowl that matches in the same promotion?

  2. Nice find! I like those owls too!

    1. thanks, they were my mom's. she received them as a wedding gift!

  3. It's a dish that takes you by surprise, I was shocked to find one too!! It's a cute one, the owls are pretty cute too!