Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm thinking about putting these up for trade. But I'm not 100% sure yet.

The yellow 404 doesn't have a number on the bottom and has "TM Reg" on it. The others have numbers on the bottom.  I'll go from the top down. The blue 401 has a few small marks. The red 402 has some color loss/marks, I took extensive pictures of them ( if you want them e-mail me ). It's still very vibrant and shiny. The green is in almost pristine condition, there are two tiny pin pricks of color loss. The yellow is beautiful, the pictures doesn't do it justice. It's very shiny, it's only problem are two very small black marks. I'm almost positive you could get them off. I'm just a newbie with Pyrex so I don't want to mess up cleaning it. If anyone would like to give me tips/try and get them off before trade let me know.

Blue 502 fridgie, okay condition, light color wear on corners, very small chip on one corner, old lid style. It's still very shiny and vibrant as you can see. ( Also if you're interested the bowl under it is for trade as well )
Here is a picture of the fridgie that comes with it:

I need some advice. I'd really like it if people could be honest and help me out. How much do you think my set is worth ( in dollars ) with the mussed red bowl? Including the fridgie. I don't want to ask for too much or for too little. I know they're rare, the yellow bowl in particular. I've been watching them on e-bay for a bit as well, I'm just looking for a more experienced opinion.

Thank you all so much and happy hunting.


  1. Didn't this say earlier that you were looking for a full set of the Autumn Harvest mixing bowls? Maybe I am going crazy. Either way, I have them...

  2. Yes, it did but like I said I want to get some more information so I don't ask for too much or too little, something fair.

    I haven't even been collecting a month yet so I'm a bit wary. I just want some feed back so I can make a more educated choice.

  3. IMO, the primary set should sell for no more than $50, the blue 502 $7-$10 and the Orange/red flameglo for $10-$12. Just my opinion though. I sell on eBay and price according to what I would pay for the item.

    1. Thank you for your help. :)

      You're a very nice ebay seller!