Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thrifting For Pyrex Can Be Dangerous Y'all!

My number must not have been up yesterday, but then again, it kind of was.

While out in the thrifting jungle yesterday morning, I was in driving in a well-to-do, quiet neighborhood where usually the only thing you have to worry about dodging on the street is run a way sprinkler system. This day was different. The narrow street was lined with cars and people were gleefully attending the neighborhoods annual yard sale. Many bargains were awaiting!!

The happiness of the day was shattered when an armed criminal in a stolen truck barreled through the neighborhood, driving through yards, and threatening lives. Nope, I was not kidding when I wrote the title of this post! I ended up staring him down head-on in my car as I was about to allow a family of 4 to cross the street in front of me. Long story short, if it weren't for the timing of the good Lord, I surely would have ended up in the hospital if not worse and that family with the 2 small children would surely have not made it. Turns out the bad guy had been evading the police for most of the morning and would continue to do so through the afternoon, taking a hostage along the way. The authorities later caught the man and the hostage was unharmed. It turns out that there were many close calls, but by a miracle, no one was seriously hurt.

Dang y'all thriftin' is dangerous and stuff!!

So...why did I say my number kind of was up?


A full set of vintage primary colored Pyrex nesting mixing bowls!

I have been thrift searching for this set for a whole year, ever since my obsession de 'rex started. And literally about 5 minutes after I about bit the dust, and whilst still in a daze, I found them! Here's how it went down: After the whole fugitive from the law thing, I gathered myself and drove to the next sale. I was still a bit flustered when I walked up to the sale and didn't even see the beautiful primary colored mixing bowl set which was right up front! I was about to exit the sale and they caught my eye. Oh man, was I excited. The woman had $20 bucks on them, which I would have happily paid, but we worked down to $15 and they were mine...ALL MINE!

Ok, enough of my Pyrex bragging! Share in the comments section a time when you had been hunting forever for a piece of Pyrex and then found it.
Story from Rachael at The Thrifty Picker blog.


  1. You are too cute, I can "hear" your accent! I'm glad you lived and got the set. They are lovely...I am still looking for the green, but my best find was the blue that I almost missed on the way out of a thrift store. Congrats. Love the "baby pictures" proud Mama!

    Stacey @

  2. I'm glad you're safe--that is incredibly scary. It goes without saying that those bowls are gorgeous (but I'm saying it anyway :).

  3. Holy cow! I'm glad to hear you came out safe on the other side of that dude's craziness!!! Geez, I couldn't imagine seeing something like that!
    On the flip side...great find!!! You lucked out chick!
    -pee ess
    Love your blog!