Sunday, May 20, 2012

butterfly gold

i had a magnificent dream that my local thrift store would be filled to the brim with gorgeous well-cared-for pyrex dishes (the kind of dream we all have). well, when i walked in (for real, not in dreamland), i could see the famous shape from a mile away and i ran up to it. first, i looked at the price on the inside of the bowl and it read $1.00 (score!). then i flipped it over to see what the pattern was...and it was a well-loved butterfly gold 403. even though it needed a lot of TLC, i held on to it like it was precious cargo because i hadn't found a new pyrex piece in weeks!

i took it home and managed to clean off the scuff marks (it was so scuffed up that i wasn't terribly careful how i buffed the grey marks out but i was super fortunate to not cause any further permanent damage!) and it definitely was given some new life.

i look forward to adding it to the other butterfly gold pieces i already own (oh, plus i bought a set of butterfly gold mugs with the 403 but forgot to photograph them)!

then, last night i managed to get to the "big city" (i do live an hour away from the closest metropolis) and snuck into a value village just before closing time. there it was. a gorgeous and amazing butterfly gold 444! i was so excited! i hurriedly grabbed it and flipped it over to see the price...$12.99! oh, no!  :( i was so bummed to have to leave it behind but i just couldn't justify paying that much money. it was such a hard thing to do especially after not having had any new pieces in so long and then finding different butterfly gold pieces earlier in the day. oh, well. i shall keep my hopes up and keep on pyrex hunting!

lauren @ the twin oaks place


  1. It will happen! Someday you'll have a Pyrex dream day. Shame on VV that's just not right. Your BFG sure looks like it cleaned up well. Good save!

  2. You cleaned that up so well, it's so pretty.

  3. I just don't get their pricing. Sometimes it's so cheap and then other times...outrageous. They have pricing split personality

  4. That's just a crazy price!!

    Great clean up job!!

  5. Wow, that piece cleaned up so well. Can I ask how and what you used? I have a few pieces here with some similar scuff marks and they don't seem to budge :(