Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy Day

Today I rearranged some furniture and found a bookcase to put all my pyrex on.  So it is all in one place and I can see it every time I walk in the kitchen.  I even have room for more!!!  Did you find any good Pyrex this week end?  I really need to work on the photography.  Some tips would be helpful.


  1. Your collection looks great! I'm envious. :)
    I have found that the most simple way for me to make my pics look better is to use free Picasa photo editing. You can do so much, really fast. Crop, Bighten, Add a Border, etc.
    Good Luck with your Pyrex Hunting and Photos!
    Erica :)

  2. nice display! i like to take my photos in natural light without the flash on. then i edit in a free editing program like irfanview or picmonkey and sharpen, auto adjust colors, or add an effect. No pyrex this weekend, but i did find something fun on Thursday.

  3. you've got a great collection! do you have two complete sets of primary mixing bowls?? jealous!

    i do my photo-editing in photoshop and just use a few filters. your camera may have some other neat settings to play with as well.

    good luck!