Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pyrex of the Morning

In my neck of the woods, the first weekend in May is the start of the major flea marketing season.  Well, I suppose you could say I brought it in with a bang.  Not a literal bang, more of a "I accidentally bought three boxes of Pyrex and other vintage items and now have no preplanned place to put them". 

I regret nothing.

The first flea market had a surplus of flameware...but since I happen to have a flameware weakness, I was okay with this. 

The one question I do have pertains to the miniature pie plate.  I tried to show it's size by comparing it to the teacup.  It has the older style stamp on the bottom with the dollar signs.  I believe that it may be from the Pyrexette set.  I was wondering if anyone else would agree?  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

The somewhat scary and/or amazing thing is this is less than half of it.  More to come from the second flea market I checked out soon.  Feel free to stop by my blog for the other goodies I found as well as a more in depth gushing over my Pyrex finds.

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