Monday, May 14, 2012

I love 4 quarts

I found one! A round 4 quart beast!

needs a lid

This thing is HUGE! 
Perfect for cabbage rolls, a roast, cereal.... you name it. Hungry anyone? 

I love this size. I want them all!! Do you have any this size?

I also got a daisy divided and some canisters this weekend. 
You can check them out here at TMHH


  1. I have 2 w/out lids! Can't find them anywhere. Hope that you have better luck than I ahve had :-)

  2. I've got two of these pieces as well, both have lids. I've got the butterfly gold and then I also got the Polynisian which came with a corelle slow cooker. You can check it out at my blog...