Friday, May 18, 2012

Unexpected Treasure

This was a weird week for me.  My husband replaced someone on a medical relief trip to the Philippine jungle.  He had 5 days notice.  What did this mean?  For one thing, I was in the thrift stores ALOT, looking for cheap clothing for him.  Of course I peeked in housewares each time, and I found some unexpected treasures.

My first Shenandoah and my first Horizon Blue

So excited about this Woodland set because my Mom gave me her set of three casseroles in this pattern.  This is what I knew of Pyrex as a kid.  Even better, all of it was $9 total...great for around here!


  1. Awesome!! :) and wow, short notice, but there's truly a reason for everything. (i think it's so you could find the pyrex...LOL) will pray for his team.

  2. LOL. Yes! It's always good to find it :) Thanks for your prayers