Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunshine, and Pyrex are Shining Down Again

My husband and I went out on Monday (his day off).  It's the first sunny day we've had in Western Washington in about a month, so we headed for Edmonds Beach...but we stopped at thrift stores along the way!  Apparently, my husband is now a Pyrex Professional.  He found every piece.

At Everett St. Vincent's, they were having an "If You Are Wearing Blue You Get 50% off" day.  No joke.  They were really cute, sweet people.  Hubby had on blue...and it's a good thing!  I found an "unknown" promo casserole dish for $5!  Also...though it was in the "Collectors" area...I found the primary blue bowl to go with my mom's yellow and red!  I paid $8, but it's in great condition and I really want to complete that set.

At Value Village in Everett I found the darling "Spice of Life" spice shakers for .99 each + 30% off.  There were several casseroles there with lids in  the Early American and Verde that I passed on...but hey...there is actually Pyrex out there again!

Then it was Goodwill in downtown Everett.  I ALWAYS find stuff there.  However, I did have some issues with the way they price it, as you all have.  My husband scooped up a set of three Spring Blossom Cinderella Bowls for $9.00 total.  Then we spotted a set of three Autumn Harvest mixing price $22.  Huh?  Then we walked by the collectors case and there was a pink Gooseberry and a light green Crazy Daisy.  I didn't dare look at the price, I knew I wouldn't be buying for what they wanted in the case.  I REALLY wanted the Crazy Daisy but walked on by.  So they had reasonable Pyrex, over-priced, and just plain ridiculous.  How do they come up with that?

Speaking of the Spring Blossom/ Crazy Daisy.  I have been really confused, and thought I'd found the answer that they are ALL called Spring Blossom and that Crazy Daisy was just what people called it.  However, I just got the Pyrex collector's guide from the library, and it says that the white and green larger flowers are Spring Bloom, while the bright green and light green with the smaller smattering of the same flowers are Crazy Daisy.

Ok, here are the pictures!  If anyone knows anything about the UNKNOWN casserole, do tell.

Happy Shopping.



  1. Nice finds! The 043 casserole is called "Pressed Flowers" and it's quite desirable and sometimes hard to find.

  2. Oh! That is fantastic...thanks for the info :)

  3. Great job! It sounds like you had a really fun day "hunting".

  4. This is encouraging news and I think your husband needs to give my husband a few lessons!

  5. What a grand day - you found some great pieces!

  6. Sounds amazing! I worked at the VV in Everett, and moved back to the east coast last June. I miss Washington so much! Glad you found some good stuff.