Monday, May 7, 2012

favourite pieces

if you're like me, your favourite pyrex piece changes from month to month. last month i was obsessing over my woodland pieces but this month i'm loving my pyrex mugs.

our local thrift store always has an abudance of pyrex mugs. i call them "church mugs" because it seems that every church i've ever been to always serves coffee and tea in a set of pyrex mugs (usually the butterfly gold pattern). i've limited myself to only having a few mugs from a few different collections but my most favourite is this one:

once again, i've seen several names for this pattern but i know it as the bluegrass autumn band. it is my favourite piece because it is the smallest piece i own. it's so dainty compared to the other mugs. it measures only 3" high and its diameter is much narrower than the standard mugs. can anyone fill me in on a little bit of history on my favourite little mug?

and, what are some of your favourite pieces of late?

lauren @ the twin oaks place


  1. "church mugs" :P So, so true! What a great name! I love it!!

  2. This past weekend I found eleven of the blue autumn band teacups. I believe that this pattern was sometimes used in restaurants.

  3. I love my mugs too - I have an assortment of patterns just like you and they look great in the collection, and are perfect for winter parties too!