Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Owe My Dad

See what I mean?  This weekend he picked up all this fantastic Pyrex for me because I was stuck at work and not able to go out for Pyrex fun.  And Yes, that is exactly what you think in the middle! Well maybe, if you're thinking it's Pink Amish Butterprint that is!  Needless to say, he got a big thank you hug for this one.  And okay, maybe he needs a lil extra this Father's Day. 

Fell free to stop by my blog for the full babbling on all these goodies and to see what all else I've been up to. 


  1. What an awesome dad & such great finds too! I asked my dad to pick up some Pyrex for me in my hometown off Kijiji & he wouldn't do it! He was too embarrassed to do it, LOL.

    There is a MINT condition set of pink Butterprint Serve & Store within my fiances family. He's tried to get them from his grandpa on a few occasions. His cousin came down & saw my 125 pieces of Pyrex & now she's on a mission. He won't part with it, but I have my fingers crossed!

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  2. That's kinda funny he was embarassed. My Dad absolutely loves finding Pyrex for me because it makes me so tickled.

    Hopefully one day the pink Butterprint will be passed on to you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

  3. I am the newest memeber of your blog. What sweet finds you have! I love the hoosier so much and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  4. It cracks me up because my father has become such a great pyrex hunter too!! On his recent fishing trip with his buddies, he found a random fridgie lid in the cabin. Funny thing is he knew what it was- and the cabin owner told him to take it since its been sitting there for years! He stopped by two thrifts on his way home too :)