Monday, April 23, 2012

Salad Bowl & Slaw

Boy is it hot over here in Albuquerque already!! I love trying new recipes especially salads once the weather turns warm. 

and this one is new and different! I'm making Cuban pork wraps tonight for dinner and made the slaw recipe that was included HERE and not only is it super beautiful in my 'salad bowl' mixing bowl, it tastes AMAZING!!
It's got red cabbage, dill pickles, olive oil, white wine vinegar....and....wait for it.......mustard!!

I was a little bit leary at first, but when it all came together (and by all, I mean not only the ingredients in this amazing slaw, but the colors in the salad and the beautiful teal pyrex bowl)...oOOOOooooowEEEE!!
What's your favorite salad? Do you think this one looks good enough to try??

Stay cool, kids!! jenny from 

1 comment:

  1. Looks nice, but I wouldn't eat it.
    Red cabbage, mustard - not my thing!

    My favorite salad: Caesar salad or red skin potato salad.