Friday, May 25, 2012

I use my pyrex

I use my Pyrex and am not afraid to tests its limits.  My pretty Pyrex just doesn't stay on a shelf. All of it gets used. I use Pyrex daily.

I am a messy cook.
Are a user? Do you use it for say your dog dish (hunting for a twin server set for my dog)... for everyday dinners...... only special occasions?

You can see how I use all my goodies here at   treasuresmyhh


  1. So great! That's just how it should look! Used and loved!

  2. i'm sipping ginger tea out of my spring blossom mug right now. :) yup, i use my pyrex too!

  3. I'm a user. It bums me out when I see someone with a huge display cabinet but say they never use it.

    It's okay, use it! If it breaks that's ok too! It was mass produced!