Monday, May 14, 2012

First Pyrex

Hello everyone! This is my first post and I'm so excited to be interacting with other people who like Pyrex as much as I do. I think I've been driving everyone I know a little nuts because I keep talking about it, they think it's weird that I "know so much". If only they knew that all of that is just the tip of the iceberg!

I had been looking for some vintage Pyrex since September 2011. I go thrifting about twice a week, still nada. Then on April 27th on Craigs List there was someone having a garage sale by my house and in the ad they said there would be vintage Pyrex. I was thinking, oh, a couple of pieces maybe. I was wrong and this was my first vintage Pyrex. 

( I learned shortly after this picture was taken to never stack your Pyrex like this, no Pyrex was harmed in the taking of this picture. )

I got all of the above ( and the two bowls below ) for $45. I almost hyperventilated.

I went back an hour or so later ( I couldn't resist ) And got all of these pieces below for $25. Well, actually my Mom was really nice and bought them for me.

 I didn't even realize at the time that that lid  does not go to that. lol  The fridgie I swear has never been used. The woman selling me all of this was strictly a collector and never used any of after she bought it. She was seriously so nice, I've met quite a few nice people all thanks to Pyrex. :)

Later that same day I saw another garage sale with some vintage Pyrex and I went over and checked it out and came away with these.

The woman I got these from was really really nice, I showed up and asked her where the bigger balloon bowl was. She started wringing her hands and explained how she had just dropped it and that it shattered. I seriously welled up a little when she told me. These cost me $20. Which was a little steep but I figured I was planning on spending that much for the two balloon bowls and since the other one was broken I might as well get the pretty Gooseberry because I got the larger bowl from the other woman already. I could kind of kick myself now, they had the Delphite golden grape chip dip set with the bracket for $20 and I didn't buy it. But I personally didn't care for it and only could spend so much that day. Ah well.

It was a very exciting and somewhat emotional day.

Over the weeks since then I've been collecting a few pieces here and there from various thrift stores, here they are.

Hex! This is the first piece of Pyrex I found at my favorite thrift store. I held it up over my head ( probably not the smartest thing to do ) and shouted for my Mom.  I got it for $4. I'm so in love with it. They also had a DWD red primary bowl. It was a sad thing to see.

I met up with another woman from Craigs List and completed my mixing bowl set, got another butter dish, some more mugs and these cute salt and pepper shakers. I told my Husband that when I finally completed my mixing bowl set, as I was lowering the final bowl in to place I heard the noise that comes from Vader when his helmet is put on. He just gave me a dirty look. lol

These are both actually for trade, so if you're interested let me know. I actually don't personally care for the blue,  pink and straight up orange which seem to be so popular with everyone else so I'm a good person to trade with! 

I've been slowly picking up more Golden Butterfly dishes from thrift stores. I think these patterns look so pretty together. I'm still trying to find something to put all of my beautiful Pyrex on, a hutch/china cabinet but no luck so far.

 Up for trade also is this Verde fridgie ( no lid sadly, there are some marks on it here but they came off with washing ) and the 473 Spring blossom dish. Eh, I keep going back and forth on the Spring blossom maybe?

This is also up for trade.

Here is a list of what's for trade ( some isn't pictured, but if you want I can send you some if you're interested ) and stuff I want with detailed descriptions of everything.

Spring blossom butter dish, perfect
Blue 502 fridgie, so-so, some color wear on corners, small chip on one corner of the lid ( it isn't very noticeable ), older lid style
503 newer style fridgie lid, Perfect
Verde 502 fridgie, good
Orange fade bowl 402, pin pricks of color loss but very shiny and perfect on the inside
Old Orchard w/lid, few marks on top of lid.
Spring blossom dish 437, no lid, good condition
404 Spring Blossom mixing bowl, really good condition
Smaller Hamilton mixing bowl with spout, really good 

Spring Blossom Cinderella mixing bowl: 441 ( really want this to complete my set )
Butterfly Gold Cinderella mixing bowl: 442, 443, 444
Woodland mixing bowl: 403, 402, 401
Lunch sized Spring Blossom plates, cereal bowls
Dinner sized Golden Butterfly plates, cereal bowls
I'm also interested in Autumn Harvest mixing/cinderella bowls
I'd like everything to be in mostly good condition as the stuff I already have is and I want them to match up.

Happy Pyrex hunting. :)


  1. Your collection is growing rapidly! Lucky you!

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  3. fantastic pieces! you've got a great collection already!

  4. I've only been collecting for about a month, and have found some great pieces too! Though not as many as you have. I'm going to do my first post soon.
    Thanks for sharing. It was fun to look at your collection.
    Erica :)

  5. please email me....let's talk trades!


    leslie :)

  6. Great finds! =)
    I know that they were not listed on your wants list but I have a set of four Corelle Spring Blossom Green cups and the matching creamer that I would love to trade if you are interested. You can email me at if you are interested.