Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In The Pink

Went to several thrift stores yesterday looking for kids pj's and of course, had to look for Pyrex.  No luck until the last little thrift on the way home.  I almost didn't stop because I never find any there and I'd already got what I needed at the others.  I'm glad I did.  I found a gold on white butterfly gold casserole and covered in greasy grime (It seems to be the only way I find that more rare stuff still on the shelf) was a pink daisy.  I didn't think I'd ever buy pink, it's not my kitchen colors, but I couldn't resist.  It was even harder to clean then the last casserole I bought covered in burnt on gunk.  I had to take a table knife and dig in the flowers to get off the black stuff.  It's amazing how durable Pyrex is!  Just makes me love it more.  Durable and beautiful...and joyfully surviving the test of time and kitchen mishaps.

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The Pink Daisy in a stack of casseroles I love!

The Butterfly Gold

Woodland Collection

Kitchen table

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  1. I LOVE the setup/pic of the woodland collection! Looks perfect! BTW, have any luck finding kids PJ's? Because, I never find any! Drives me bananas! LOL :)